6 Ways Of Extending Your Quadcopter’s Flight Time

Quadcopters are well aware that their toys will stay in the air somewhere between 3 and 20 minutes, depending on the model and the price-tag. However, owners can take steps to ensure more fun is to be had one a single charge, and we’re here to tell you about them. Are you paying attention?

6. Remove the camera

Sure, it’s fun and possibly practical that you can attach a camera to your quadcopter, giving you the opportunity to record anything around you but unless a serious aerial project is involved, the camera should not be there; it will just drain your batter faster, adding weight to the drone.

5. Go for a high mAh battery

That tip is pretty obvious, and self-explanatory. Most quadcopters come equipped with mid-range batteries, which is why investing in a battery with a higher mAh is always a good choice. Be sure to check your machine’s specifications for the maximum mAh, beforehand, and consider that a highermAh battery means extra weight.

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4. Propeller size is important

The size of your toy’s propellers are somewhat of an important factor in flight efficiency, thus affecting the amount of power your drone needs to stay up in t he air and, most importantly, how long will it be there. If you’re planning on attaching a camera to your device, you may want to consider a larger propeller. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? Make sure to experiment and take notes, so that you are always aware of what option is better, depending on your purpose.

3. Take weather conditions into consideration

Flying in the right conditions is fun, safe, and will probably keep your battery powering up those propellers for a longer time. If you’re flying your device outdoors, windy or rainy conditions will surely take away the fun; more importantly, it  will make it more difficult for you to control your drone, which in turn will drain power faster than expected.

2. Follow the 40-80 Rule

In the old days, batteries were meant to be fully charged and then completely drained, before repeating the process. However, lithium-ion batteries power up your quadcopter, which means you might actually be shortening the battery’s life by draining it completely every single time. The average lithium battery can be fully charged and drained between 300 and 500 times, before you need to get a new one. However, you can extend the overall life of your battery by simple filling it up only halfway, or between 40 and 80 percent. Please note that temperature can also have an effect on the battery capacity.

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1. Choose your moments wisely

Charging up your drone days before a scheduled trip or event sounds too prudent for my taste, aside from the fact that this might shorten the life of your battery. you should charge your battery just a few hours before you plan on using your quadcopter, due to the fact that a rechargeable battery will lose on average 1% of its charge each day – while not in use.

Don’t go expecting any miracles once you take note of t his list; you will, however, notice some improvements. Surely, when you’re having fun and enjoying your day, every second counts. Isn’t that right?

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