A Closer Look At The DJI GS PRO


The Ground Station Pro, as some might call it, is an iPad app designed to control and plan automatic flights for a DJI flying machine. The DJI GS PRO boasts a user-friendly and minimalist interface that does not distract the pilot from the mission at hand. GS Pro will automatically take pictures at pre-set waypoints, thus helping out with aerial imaging, architecture, and more.

It’s all about the features

Well, isn’t it? So, let’s take a closer look at what this app has to offer. The Virtual Fence locks the aircraft’s height and speed within a designated area, which means fun without the crash and safety without sanctions. No-fly zones will hurt your drone no more.

Up to 99 Waypoints can be set with up to fifteen consecutive actions, each of which may be customized according to the pilot’s needs. 3D Mapping will allow for the creation of accurate/efficient flight paths, while 3D Map Point of Interest (POI) will analyze data such as a distance between an object and the aircraft, speed and time required to circuit the structure to gather precise data required to make sure your flying experience will be cooler.

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Please note that some features require an in-app-purchase, so be sure to bring cash. The app is compatible with various drone and controllers, so you shouldn’t worry about it being pointless – the same goes for some cameras. 

Using the app is easy; upon opening the app, a standard satellite map appears, with any previously saved missions available on demand. It should be fun going through the options; it will take time, but what else are you going to do with an app?

How to use DJI GS Pro

Overall, the features in DJI’s GS Pro app are great for anyone; it is versatile, simple and possibly useful. Have fun!

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