DJI Media Maker Is The Way To Go If Drone Panoramas & Time Lapses Take Up Your Thoughts

DJI Media Maker

Although initially designed to be used only with the DJI Osmo, the DJI Media Maker could very well be used with other DJI products, especially with the Spark magician. The introduction of the aforementioned flying machine has allowed pilots and drone enthusiasts all over to experience a few fresh and interesting flying modes.

Gesture control and spiral flying seem like exciting ways to spend your free time, but we all know better. When thinking drones everyone daydreams about those spectacular views and shots we all drool about. One of the most notable improvements the Spark brings to the table is the automatic panorama modes.

High-quality panorama photos are what we want to share with the world, and it’s always better to upload your shots to the computer before editing out your favorite version.

DJI Spark panoramic modes include portrait panorama, horizontal panorama, and 180-degree panorama. Some may remember that the DJI Spark does have an automatic panorama creation mode inside the DJI Go 4 app, although some users have discovered that the exporting process is a slow and most likely boring process.

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In the meantime, the  DJI Media Maker is still on the table and a viable alternative. Feel free to download it from here and find out by yourselves.

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