More Than One Lipo Battery Might Be A Good Idea

Drone Lipo Batteries

Having to recharge your Lipo battery is a drag, no doubt about it. It means time away from your favorite flying machine, which is why some people invest money in more than one battery pack.

Nonetheless, as many as you might purchase, all batteries require charging if they are to provide you with those precious minutes of fun. So, how do you do it?

Imagine having 6 empty batteries, where each takes an hour to be full – this is not cool. With parallel charging you can alternatively charge many batteries at the same time, thus saving time – those Physics classes might have helped you by now if you were paying attention.

Parallel charging helps in reducing the internal resistance of individual batteries connected together. According to Ohm’s law, the electric current is inversely proportional to the resistance and directly proportional to voltage, which means that the total resistance will be half when these batteries are all connected in parallel.

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Getting too technical, are we?

The first note is that, when the batteries are all connected to the parallel charging board, they will be balanced and then charged. Any voltage differences will be stabilized before the charging proceeds.

As you might have understood by now, an extensive knowledge of electrical connections is required, so you’d better do your homework before making the right moves or choices.

Furthermore, you will require a wiring adapter for the main leads and for the balance leads, a Lipo battery charger, and a parallel charging board – the batteries as well. There are a few warnings worth considering:

  • the batteries should all have the same number of cells
  • the voltage difference should be reasonably small
  • pairing half-filled batteries with empty ones might not be a good idea

If anything goes wrong, then all the battery packs shall be affected equally. It is important to calculate the maximum current allowed by the charger to keep everything on the safe side.

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This means using some electrical mathematics, dividing the power by the voltage (I=P/V), resulting in the correct charging current.

It all becomes complicated too fast, and the simple solution becomes obvious to me: people with the skills required to handle these operations should devise some hubs, where people show up with their battery packs, pay some cash and return to collect them fully charged.

Sounds simple enough for everyone? I’m kind of proud of that idea. The video below should provide you with a clearer image of what’s what.

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