Using Lightroom To Process Your Drone Photos [VIDEO]

There are plenty of drones out there, ready to take the next cool shot. Which means, cameras have to improve their skills constantly in order to keep up with increasing demands and more and more sophisticated flying machines.

Adobe Lightroom for Drone Photos

Drones allow us to reach vantage points that are otherwise impossible, although some prefer to add a little magic to the end result. The video below shows photographer Michael Shainblum going through the steps of processing photos from his DJI Phantom 4 with Adobe Lightroom.

As some of you are aware by now, raw photos are sometimes not really worth bragging about. There is potential, however, and to sum it all up: it’s all about balance – light, dark, color saturation, and so on.

The work and time put in are definitely worth it, and the final result could easily be considered an improvement over the original. Sure, the camera’s abilities and the natural wonder or event you choose might also have an impact on the final result. So, what are you daydreaming about right now? Go get it!

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