DJI Mavic Air Takes On Its Mavic Pro Sibling

DJI Mavic Air Drone

The DJI Mavic Air is an odd contraption; not a Mavic 2, but better than the Mavic Pro in, this thin has got everyone buzzing. There are some drawbacks to the Mavic design, which is to say that it cannot compare itself to the Mavic Pro. Very small and clean looking, the fresh drone packs the new Spark inspired camera and gimbal.

Those of you thinking about crashing; don’t the Mavic Air seems like it would hold up pretty well. Sure, the non-foldable 133 mm propellers with a very thin design don’t fold, but that is not necessarily a drawback. The Mavic Air sounds like a swarm of angry bees while flying at speeds of up to 40 mph – great with your phone acting as a controller, as well.

Gimbal speed, however, is an important factor to be considered. The Mavic Pro starts to tilt the camera down at 30mph when going forward, while the Mavic Air has a gimbal design with a very limited range of motion – 20 mph in any direction. The Mavic Air flies indoors for as long as 18 minutes, which is not that but, and not that impressive either. Were you hoping for some outrageous video quality?

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Well, there’s the good, the bad and the truth. The colors on the Mavic Air appear to be much more realistic, the auto white balance and exposure seem to be more accurate, although a subtle green tint has to be mentioned. Sharpness is also an issue, compared to the Mavic Pro, while low lighting conditions may put the Air on the spot. The obstacle avoidance feature seems to work better on the Mavic since it packs two front-facing cameras just like the Mavic Pro, but it also has two back facing cameras – a total of 7 cameras are found on this drone.

The Mavic Air stands out thanks to the APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance System) feature, which allows the drone to avoid any obstacle it encounters, while the gesture controls really work this time around. There is no video lag to talk about, as tests have proven this drone to be quite powerful in that respect.

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Smartphone users should note that controlling the Mavic Air is possible at a distance of over 300 feet away in a densely populated area. How cool is that? Sure, this isn’t a drone meant for professionals or those of you who love to break the limits, but it will definitely be worth your time and cash. Fun times ahead!

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