DJI Phantom 4 Advanced Compared To The Pro

DJI Phantom 4 Advanced

DJI has revealed the Phantom 4 Advanced and Advanced+, the brand’s latest additions to their hugely popular quadcopter series. According to the available information, there are some differences between the fresh designs and the Phantom 4 Pro – or, there should be.

So, what should we expect?

Well, the Phantom 4 Advanced doesn’t benefit from the side and rear obstacle avoidance included on the Pro. Furthermore, the Pro+ controller works with both the Pro and the Advance – that isn’t necessarily true the other way around. If we were to discuss specs, there aren’t all that many differences between the drones.

Aesthetically, the drones are quite difficult to tell apart, something that remains true while in the air. Beautifully designed and with high-quality performance in mind, DJI’s drones will reach a max speed of 45 mph and fly at up to 31 mph with obstacle avoidance enabled. The package includes Draw, ActiveTrack. TapFly. Return to Home and Gesture Mode.

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Specs & features

The 15.2V 5870 mAh Intelligent Flight Battery promises 30 minutes of flight time, while the camera captures images at 20MP in JPG or RAW DNG, with video available up to 4K quality at 60fps. 30 and 24fps.

On the other hand, video footage is compressed at 100Mbps using H.265 compression, up from the H.264 60Mbps format offered by the original Phantom 4. So, aside from a £120 price difference and the amount of obstacle avoidance sensors included, these drones are practically identical.

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