How About Some Drones For Pet Photography?

Drones For Pet Photography

With the risk of starting a debate or provoking the wrong conclusion, I have to admit: I am not a pet person, or whater you call them. To me, if a domestic animal has no purpose or practicality about itself, it does not diserve to be fed and, as such, is completely irrelevant to me – by the way, I also reserve the right to call pets ‘it’, rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’, for the most obvious of reasons – feel free to check out some grammar rules before throwing in the towel.

Aside from my personal beliefs, there are quite a lot of people among you who love nothing more then to capture precious moments of their beloved pets. Using cameras is a thing of the past, something that usually generates quite unsatisfying results. As such, going for a droen might actually be a cool idea. Choosing the best drones for pet photography is a challenge, although some things are worth considering before starting the photoshoot.

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Safety – make sure your pet is comfortable around noisy things, otherwise it may be annoyed while the drone might suffer the consequences.

Plan ahead – when it comes to photography, children and animals are unpredictable. As such, trying to film your animals doing the things they do normally each day might be a good idea – please refrain from flying your drone and throwing the ball for your pup at the same time. I guess the moment of the day, the position of the sun or whether there are some trees around might also be worth considering before taking the shot.


  • Fly high, look straight down
  • From the side – get your drone safely low and fly sideways parallel to your animal running.
  • The Rocket – starting low, directly over your subject with the camera facing straight down, and then simply fly straight up.
  • Chase cam – not recommended while working with animals, but you are free to check it out.
  • Do Not chase wild animals
  • Zoom lenses – the best animal photographers use crazy zoom lenses on their cameras, which might explain for the outrageous results.
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Aside from that, there’s nothing left to do but get your very own drone and start shooting. Before you do that, here’s a quick list of some flying machines that might get you started – DJI Mavic Pro, GDU Byrd Premium 2.0, Yuneec Typhoon H 4K, Autel Robotics X-Star Premium, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Parrot Disco. Have fun!

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