Have you bought a new drone? Here’s what you need to know before taking off

If Santa has been good to you, you are now probably having fun with your very own drone. However, the wide world of flight. is not just about fun times; with great fun comes great responsibilities. Nonetheless, the excitement of flying and the wonderful results of aerial photography are well worth the effort. Before you take to the sky, you should consider that there are some rules to follow. US-based drone enthusiasts should know a thing or two, and Brendan Shulman of DJI is just the man to answer all possible questions.


If your new flying toy weighs less than 0.55 lbs overall, you are all set up. However, it if weighs more than this, the FAA has jurisdiction over your flight – feel free to visit the FAA website for sUAS (small Unmanned Aircraft System) for full details – registration, a $5 application fee and at least 13 years of age are a must.

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The process is much faster and easier than expected, so there’s no reason for you to fly illegally. Furthermore, the FAA provides an app, called B4UFly, that allows users to make use of a map that provides them with vital information where you can and cannot legally fly. Sure, there’s no reason to worry – unless you fly over crowds or around airports; such activities will bring over some serious fines and possibly jail time.

The short version of this story is this: you are not allowed to fly within 5 miles of an airport without first calling it in and informing the air traffic controller. You should mention your GPS coordinates, elevation and intended duration of flight. Also worth considering is checking in on local flight laws and authorities. It might save you some money or hassle. Don’t go getting upset, as the rules in place are meant to prevent incidents or injuries.

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