Icarus Is Out For Your Drone

Jonathan Andersson, manager of the Advanced Security Research Group at Trend Micro DVLabs, is a security researcher that has found a way to hijack your most appreciated device, be it a drone, boat, helicopter, boat or plane. He came up with a method to target the DSMx protocol used by radio-controlled toys all over and might just help security forces keep drones from restricted areas.

A device dubbed Icarus was revealed at the PacSec security conference in Tokyo. It exploits a major security flaw  and was constructed with off-the-shelf parts. To put it simply: users are locked out of their own drone when Icarus extracts the pairing information from the DSMx receiver and cause the drone to ignore the owner’s controls.

Drone regulations are tightening up, with licensing and no-fly zones already in place, thus making Icarus somewhat of an useful tool for the proper authorities – at least until firmware upgrades and future projects take notice of this vulnerability. One way or another, there’s definitely a market for a commercial device that can take control of a drone and take it out of restricted zone. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes next.

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