Make Use Of DJI’s Phantom 4 Active Track

What is Active Track?

Active Track is one of the new features available on the Phantom 4, allowing users to track subjects automatically – sans a GPS reference – thanks to advanced image recognition algorithms. The same feature is useful if you plan on orbit around subjects, without care.

How To Use It

Once you get your hands on the DJI Phantom 4, and pair it up with any capable smartphone or tablet, you’re ready to go. Make sure that the flight mode switch is in position P, then select the Active Track option. Once that happens, you simply tap on the subject that you want to track, and press the Go button ; the Phantom 4 will continue tracking the subject until you tell it otherwise. If it’s low on power or loses connection with the controller, the drone will return home.


Active Track is a visual based tracking system, so you should definitely think about a visual line-of-sight. When the Phantom 4 is tracking you, it’s important for it to always see you clearly; this toy isn’t smart enough to anticipate that you will be coming up from behind the tree 5 seconds later.

Color is another issue. The Phantom 4 makes use of a few different methods to figure out what you look like, but it’s mostly about colors. This means that if you’re wearing a blue shirt and then you put on a red shirt a few seconds later, your Phantom 4 will probably lose track of things. However, powerful contrasts will make the drone’s task a bit easier.

Relative speed is also a factor worth considering, meaning that if fast moving subjects are your ‘target’ of the day, Active Track will work better if you stay farther away. I hope this quick tips will make your day a bit more enjoyable, and your results worth bragging about on Social Networks and at home. Have fun!

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