Parrot Is Evolving Into A Noteworthy Name

There was a time when Parrot was a laughed at brand; probably due to the association with the cute and small birds, or maybe because in 2010 it launched the AR.Drone, which was years behind  the DJI Phantom; however, things have changed. DJI now dominates the skies, we all know that ,but the French company remains unfazed by the large industry and still delivers fun, accessible products.

Looking towards the future, Parrot has been considering adding high-end features onto a drone. Take the Bebop 2, for instance, which now makes use of goggles and the follow-me feature. Parrot’s goggles work much like a mobile-based VR headset. Activate FPV mode on the app, slide your phone into the goggles, and you’ll see what the drone sees. Sure, the ‘follow me’ feature costs $20 to unlock in Parrot’s companion app, but that’s to be expected.

The FPV upgrade costs a bit more, though, with existing Bebop owners having the need for a new controller along with a headset that currently costs $350. Considering that Parrot has recently developed a drone developer kit, with dual high-res cameras, onboard barometers, a motion sensor and more, it’s clear that more advanced quadcopters are on the way. The company is growing up, but let’s just hope that won’t happen too soon.

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