Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 3: Which Is Best?


Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the Phantom 4 and the Phantom 3 Professional? Well, we’re here to make it all clear. But, first, let’s go ahead and mention what are the things to consider when making such a choice:

  • obstacle avoidance
  • sleep and agility
  • battery life
  • subject tracking
  • reliability
  • setup
  • optics

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

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One of the most important differences between the two Phantom models is obstacle avoidance. Since the Phantom 3 comes equipped with not one, but two cameras – one for video and one for stabilization – it can handle its job easily.

However, the Phantom 4 brags about three more cameras for improved stabilization and obstacle avoidance. This means that crashing on the first drone flight might actually be avoided – it is desirable, at least; obviously, shooting tight close up shots is a breeze with the Phantom 4.

phantom 4 box

The Phantom 4 also shows off a new sport mode, which disables the obstacle avoidance and allows the drone to reach speeds of up to 45 mph  – 10 mph faster than the Phantom 3.

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Please note that at those speeds, the motors will be visible in forward facing shots. Time flies while having fun, true; but how much time is there to be enjoyed? Well, the Phantom 4 will supposedly allow 25% more flight time than the 3 model.

When it comes to actual usage, the Phantom 3 will make moving shots a difficult task, especially for beginners. The built-in Follow Me feature  uses machine learning algorithms to visually track, instead of just following a GPS signal from your smartphone. 

On the other hand, the Phantom 4, brags about Active track and Tap Flight, which means the user can select the subject to be tracked and it will automatically lock on and start tracking it; beginners may smoothly fly to different locations just by tapping the desired location on the screen.

The Phantom 3 is one of the most reliable consumer drones on  the market, which means that the Phantom 4 is in a league of ts own. Equipped with two gyros, two compasses and two accelerometers, this device can and will remain stable. 

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Getting ready for play time can be rather frustrating if you own a Phantom 3 Professional. However, the Phantom 4 now has self locking quick release Props, which means fun times and no worries. 

Which one to get? That’s you’re choice to make, really; please consider that the Phantom 4 is about $400 more expensive than the Phantom 3 Professional.

Price comparison: Standard & Pro Phantom 3 / Standard & Pro Phantom 4

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