Taking The Part 107 Test The Smart Way

Get Drone Certification

If you’re looking to use your drone for commercial work, you’re going to need a Part 107 certificate. It may sound difficult, but there are loads of resources on the Internet that should help you take flight, so to speak – a simple Google search will get your head spinning. However, some people react better to visual stimuli, which is why this great set of videos might be just what you needed.

Fraser Almeida is the man responsible for the video above, filled with details about the way he got his Part 107 certification. He is also te man to thank for these great videos designed to help you study, and do the same. Just take it one small step at a time and you will get there.

1. Drone Study Guide

This comprehensive video should do the trick, although you are allowed to go for more.

2. Remote Pilot 101

Specific aeronautical knowledge will be required before taking off, which is where this video comes in. Remote Pilot 101 provides you with the vital info to help you keep it together.

3. AGL / MSL

AGL – above ground level – and MSL – mean sea level – are important concepts to get a grasp on. Properly interpreting aeronautical charts is a vital skill when flying your device.

4. Practice Questions

The proper questions will get you the right answers, and this video is the proper way to go about making those practice tests and explained answers get you to the next level.

5. FAA Explanations

The governing body itself is also willing to help clear things up, and this is the video to watch. Thanks a bunch, FAA.

6. Part 61 for Part 107

A Part 61 pilot looking to take the test for Part 107 should really make use of this podcast. It would definitely not hurt.

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7. Tips

People who have already passed the test with flying colors were nice enough to offer some tips. This is the video in question.

8. Practice Test

A practice test is always a good idea to test your knowledge by yourself, and here is where you may do so. Feel free to go offline and leave all distractions behind while studying. Good luck and fly safe!

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