Top 3 Drones Under $250 To Go For

As you can imagine, and most of us know, choosing the perfect drone is an impossibility. There are so many criteria that influence such a decision, that you end up classifying drones by purpose, flight time, camera capabilities and so on, with each list comprising a few recognized names competing for the first place. It’s all about what you want!

However, we can all agree that all people wish to purchase their favorite items at the lowest pricing possible, right? Nowadays, drones at lower price points offer the right amount of fun times at affordable costs. So, let’s choose subjective price range; how does $250 sound?

Vidius VR drone

Drones that synch up to VR goggles and stream whatever the drone’s camera sees are the base of drone racing. The Vidius VR offers the same capabilities yet in a very small package. The quadcopter, which pairs with a tablet or smartphone from 100 ft (30 m) away, and sliding the device into the included VR goggles allows pilots to be part of the action. The $75 gadget offers up to seven minutes of fun at a time.

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Parrot Mambo

Parrot’s efforts on the market could be summed up quite easily: fun times. Their long line of minidrones, models that can even climb walls, leap onto surfaces and glide across the water are sure to get anyone’s attention. However, the Mambo was designed to annoy, thanks to its cannon. The quadcopter packs a Nerf-like cannon that snaps on via a Lego-like panel on top, loaded with six balls while looking for its target. Furthermore, a claw on the underside can grab objects weighing up to 4 g (0.15 oz). Who’s next?

PowerUp 3.0

This plane-like device has been around for a while, and it’s now what people think when you talk drones. However, it is original and offers something different in a market filled with similar products. For $50, the PowerUp 3.0 kit can be affixed to your finest paper airplanes and make any Math class way more enjoyable.  Thanks to a propellor, small tail rudder, and throttle control, the plane will glide through the air and get you thrown out immediately – the same goes for adults at work, I guess. Who wants one?

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