What’s The Best Place To Buy Your Drone?

That’s a tough one, right? Rapid drone development and the dynamic market itself has generated massive changes in a short period of time. All expectations have been exceeded, and enthusiasts have quickly become mesmerized and confused by the wide array of new products, features, and all-around options.

How can you tell what is best for you?

Worldwide accessibility has allowed drones to take over the world, be it for fun, industry purposes or secret operations we will probably never know about. One way or another, these devices have already or will soon touch your life; as such, there’s more than just one way or place to get one of your own.

Local Store

The first move you should consider is to check the local stores near you. Do your homework, check out their offer – as limited as it may be. With any luck, you’ll find that generic drone you were looking for; if not, you’ll get a first idea of what’s what.


Well, wasn’t this obvious? Everyone buys stuff online these days, so why not drones? Aside from accessibility, an online store will display a wide array of products while also making your life better with various discounts and gifts. Even more important, reviews are there to be read. There are some risks, with the market being flooded with new online shops every day, of which some might not be as reliable or trustworthy as they advertise. Feel free to check if the site is the real deal and if it’s trusted by other users before going any further.


The famous online store offers a wide variety of choices, while also promising reliable delivery in complete safety. The delivery date may vary upon location, but you should feel safe that everything is fine and your product will arrive as promised. Amazon sells drones developed by various brands, including but not limited to DJI, Parrot, and Syma.


Yet another known store, this is where you will easily find a wide variety of products, but a click away. One of the best online shops available today, rivaled by Walmart, Target’s products get shipped almost globally; however, you should be aware that the drone selection is not as impressive as Amazon would have you enjoy, although low-end and medium-quality drones are on offer and ideal for beginners.


The Walmart Company controls is in charge of various hypermarkets, supermarkets, and department stores, and has extended to the digital realm as well. Their offer is not to be ignored, but if you’re not typing from the U.S., then Walmart deliveries are not available for you. Otherwise, Walmart’s long list of products is worth checking out, since it includes names as DJI and Yuneec, Swift Stream and Sky Viper.

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China-based manufacturer and developer Alibaba has also got its own online shop, in an attempt to draw your attention and possibly your money. Whatever you want, they got it; you can buy almost anything here, with numerous incognito brands offering you options to choose from. So, if you plan on making a dew extra dollars by buying drones and selling them again, this is the place!

Local Online Shops

This is always the best idea to consider. I mean, local online stores in your country are convenient from more points of view – language, support, fees as well as delivery times. Since we live in the 21st century when globalization has allowed us to reach any corner of the world, local sites have access to bigger international sites, so there will be no limitations in regards to offers and products. Again, be sure to check out the store before making a purchase.


Once you’ve chosen your place of purchase, there will still be some factors you need to consider before enjoying your device. There are but a few that come to mind, or should.

Cost – Depending on size, brand or features, drones are accompanied by different price-tags. So, it might be a good idea to verify if you can really afford what you’ve been dreaming of or go for alternatives – rest assured you’ll find at least two of them. Please note that companies such as UDI, Hubsan, Blade, and Syma offer durable and affordable products ideal for beginners.

Type – The market will offer many types of drones – or UAVs. Common types include quadcopters, helicopters, and planes. There are brands that go a different yet impressive way, with features some of us could not have imagined a year ago, such as Parrot, Wasp, Predator, Hummingbird, Sentinel, and others. Larger and more advanced drones are only available for military, for the obvious reasons.

Model – With the market supported by a wide range of drone manufacturers, you are free to choose one of the many models available. After deciding on a brand/manufacturer, upon thorough research, you should also consider if you’re a beginner or not, as more advanced drones are harder to fly. Best keep the drone suitable to your experience level.

Purpose – Flying with a purpose is always a good idea, and so is matching your acquisitions to said purpose.
Be it for leisure and entertainment, professional photography, or for surveillance, the drone’s capabilities, and features should be ideal for said activity.

Registration – One thing enthusiasts still forget is that there are some rules in place. Every drone bought has to be owned by a person at least 13 years old and has to be registered with the FAA. If you’re flying anywhere else but the U.S., you’ll have an easier time enjoying your drone; the lesson here is that you should always inquire about legal matters in buying drones, no matter the country you live in.

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So, everything is clear: you got a store in mind, you’ve decided upon a brand and the type/model of drone you’d love flying around. What’s to keep you from buying it?

Budget – You should definitely set a top limit, which will keep you from going all crazy and spending way too much money on an expensive and possibly unnecessary drone. Don’t just go for the most expensive product, it will not match your requirements just because you love the way it looks.

Research – As with any other product, it is always a good idea to read a bit before going into action. No one knows everything, and people are always eager to help; just ask around, look it up on the web and you will find your answer. An upcoming new model launch might just be what you wanted, which would make a waiting game a safer choice.

Features– Today’s devices come with a long list of technical specs and functions, possibly boring. However, it is worth reading again and again before making a final decision. Some notable specs worth considering include flight time, charging time, range, and controller functions. Weight and size might also affect maneuverability and battery life, so don’t you go forget about that either. Brands will also offer a camera or a flight assistant, as well as prop guards – any and all extra features will add to the final purchase cost. remember that!

Maintenance – One cool fact is that drones will eventually crash; sure, it sounds sad and expensive, but there are available parts for sale, so you’ll be up and about in no time. Just be sure to check out if your choice is as ‘crash-friendly’ as you need it to be. Looking for extra batteries is always a good idea, but it might pay off for your drone yo allow you to swap it easy and fast.

Still not sure where to buy your drone from? Well, I guess as the market develops, and new products and online shops take life, your choice will become increasingly difficult. This is not all bad since more options equal increased chances of getting what you want at the price you can afford it, as soon as possible. Just be careful out there!

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