$45,000 Will Now Get You The Nokia Ozo VR Camera


Some might remember, considering the impact, that a Nokia Ozo VR professional 360 camera was introduced alongside a US $60,000 price-tag. However, the company has now decided to allow potential customers to purchase said camera for ‘only’ US $45,000. 


The kettleball-shaped camera has lots to brag about, considering  its real-time monitoring and immersive audio and video capabilities – there’s no point in going down that list, it’s boring and we all have some partying to do on a Friday evening.


The Ozo is so cool, that Disney is using it as a part of a multi-year arrangement to bring VR to its theatrical release slate. Obviously, this will have an impact on the market and force smaller brands to jump on the VR train, thus allowing potential customers to enjoy cool features at lower prices. Check out the video below for a closer look at what $45,000 will get you and why this drone is so highly regarded among professionals and tech fanatics.

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