A Hungry Saltwater Crocodile Goes For The Drone

Photographer Sean Scott managed to capture a col and possibly dangerous event. It seems a massive crocodile went ahead and launched itself towards the Phantom 4 drone he was using while out on a boat, exploring; I guess some just refuse to keep up with the advancements of technology or current trends. As it the noise? The notion of being abducted that scared the croc, or was it just the need to get its hand on one to see how it works? No one knows for sure.

Located on the Ord River in the Kimberley, WA, the photographer was headed out from the camp of Hairy Dog’s Fishing when this happened. With crocodiles everywhere, teased by a carcass of a dead cow, this huge specimen was somewhat disturbed by the drone closing in and intruding on its personal space. Who could blame it? Who knows what it was planning on doing, without the need of eye-witnesses or video proof.

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