Some Flying Camera Drones Are Lazier Than Others

If all of that sounds odd, it’s because this situation is; it is also funny, to be honest. Drone pilots are aware that a decent Steadicam rig will allow them to shoot those perfect video clips and impressive stills; they are also aware that that kind of equipment costs quite a lot of cash, which is why only professionals choose to go down that path.

So, what to do if your budget is limited but you wish to experience and enjoy the same results? Some filmmakers went for a handheld gyro-stabilized camera drone – lazy, right?

Well, I’m talking about the drone, not the operator. The latter will end up going a serious training session and cardio before bragging about the shot.

Brazilian production house Space Criative managed to impress, as you can easily see once you play the video below, but this seems a bit redundant. Paying money for electric motors and a controller for sitting and letting the drone do the work for you is OK in my book.

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But, to pay money only to have me run around the woods with the drone in my hands? Silly, to say the least. I guess the results may vary, depending on the athletic abilities of the ‘pilot’ and his or her imagination. This only shows talent beats budget every time.

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