Drone Footage Reveals Any Surfer’s Nightmare

You clearly love the picture above, and that’s OK; who wouldn’t want to tackle the forces of Nature, overpower them and enjoy the results? That’s what talented surfers do each and every day, and we love them for that. However, some days are better than others, as you can easily understand from the video below.

With surfers riding waves measuring anywhere from 30 to an astounding 60 feet, there is plenty to capture with an amateur camera, by a news crew or by using your favorite flying machine. At Portugal’s Praia do Norte coast, the perfect storm of conditions produced some of the most incredible waves, but this isn’t what you think.

As luck would have it, a drone captured one of the most gripping rescue videos ever. Brazilian surfer Pedro “Scooby” Vianna catches one of the monstrous waves and possibly sees his life passing before his eyes.He got caught up a bit by the crashing wave behind him, violently putting him in his place.

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An assistance crew was close by and picked him up. But they weren’t out of trouble yet, and the two end up back in the water. Another surfer named Everaldo “Pato” Teixeira had to move in and help them out, one at a time. As said, a drone captured every second of this hair-raising rescue mission, making for a cool video and possibly a lesson for any potential Surfing Gods out there. Check it out!

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