Hurricane Harvey, Houston & Drones

Hurricane Harvey

This is no time to be thinking about fun drones and interesting technical specifications. Tropical storm Harvey continues its havoc in southern Texas while the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration warns amateur drone pilots to refrain from flying their devices over Houston.

It seems like an odd request, considering that hospitals have called upon drone pilots to assist with assessing surrounding areas for feasible routes so supplies can be trucked in. The FAA worries drones might interfere with rescue and recovery, while the desperate situations seem to require all hands to get involved and help out.

According to a spokesman for Allstate Insurance told Slate magazine that “this will be the widest scale event that we’ve used drones for to date.” Inspecting damage will most likely be one of the priorities and what better way to do that than with drones?

The following footage out of Houston shows that it would be a better idea for drones to inspect and verify the damage that Harvey left behind. It’s faster, safer and cheaper that way.

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According to the New York Times, as much as $30 billion US in damages on homeowners has been inflicted and that only 40 per cent of that may be covered by insurance. Judging by the scale of the situation it’s doubtful Houston will ever recover. So why not help out as much and in any way you can?

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