Hobby Drone Breaks The Limits – 33,000 Feet High

33,000 Feet High Drone

It is not unheard of, a small and possibly amateur-built device or machine to look or perform better than professional items on the market; that’s what we call evolution or inventive. Well, it would seem that a small hobby drone supports such statements, as the one in the video below has managed to fly as high as 33,000 feet.

That’s right!. A Russian drone pilot managed to fly his 2.3-lbs drone close to the cruising altitude of most airliners – and only common technology or equipment was used in the efforts to achieve such performances. Each and every component can be found at hobby stores, which would make pilot Denis Koryakin somewhat of a handyman.

He started off with a small drone racing frame equipped for high altitude flight, then added longer propellers (7 inches), low-speed motors, and a 4S battery pack (with three packs in parallel). To get it that high, the pilot required about 26 minutes of flight, hence the extra battery power – which was barely enough.

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Was this flight legal? Well, I won’t speculate about that, and instead come up with a funny: what would an airline pilot say if a hobby drone would end up on his windscreen? I doubt Boing planes have wipers; or, do they? In the meantime, a piece of advice: don’t try this at home and stay clear of aircraft routes and basically any activity that might have you in trouble with the law enforcement agencies.

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