RC Speeder Inferno Speeds At About 450 Mph

Most car manufacturers are still dreaming about such speeds, but this RC creation will easily fly that fast. We’ve seen remote control airplanes powered by tiny jet engines before, but this thing is out of this world. The RC Speeder Inferno weighs in at 17 pounds and will easily blast through the skies at 450 miles per hour, a true testament to its builders’ skills and the pilot’s.

Launched by an elastic band catapult, the delta-wing RC plane needs a minimum speed before the wings produce enough lift to keep it from crashing. This thing is not easy to fly, as there is no FPV like, say, in a jet fighter. The video clip below should offer you an example of what this means -altered perspective, low visibility and the lighters touch in the world.

Technical specs, controller range, and such similar values seem irrelevant once you understand the speed that this thing manages to achieve – can you really get a grasp of it? I guess words are not enough, and images don’t really suffice; you’d have to be flying it to believe it.

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Feel free to research on your own and contact the builders of Inferno, although I have to wonder just how legal is to keep this beast in the air and fly above us, mere mortals.

One thought on “RC Speeder Inferno Speeds At About 450 Mph”

  1. sam says:

    sir can I get the design cause I wanna build a prototype for my project I don’t have much experience in aerodynamics

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