Salina Turda – The Best Place To Get Your Drone Racing On

Nowadays, artificial intelligence and drones go well together, which is why drones have become mainstream over the past few years. Drone flying is a hobby and source of entertainment, although some have went pro and make a good living out of this – do they? I wonder. Either way, there are several worldwide events sponsored by GoPro, AIG, Allianz, and Vodafone.

There are a few technical requirements before joining a team. The racing drone must be equipped with TBS crossfire transmitting module and weigh in at a minimum 700 grams – camera included. Sure, the team will cover all costs and there is no entry fee; but you need to make yourself visible to sponsors if you are to take part in such events.

Following some bad moves in the first racing session of the Drone Champions League in the saltworks of Turda, Romania, IRC Racing celebrated their first season success against ROTORAMA by the end of the event. There is plenty to talk about, and I’m sure the people at DCL would love to tell you about it, but I’m actually more excited about the videos than the storyline of this event.

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First off, I think it’s interesting it took place in Romania and I didn’t expect for the people in that country to be that much into drones. Upon a little bit of research, you will quickly find out that the drone market is somewhat nonexistent in the country and that shops will sell you cheap and uncool flying machines.

Second, the chosen location was incredible – and still is. One of the many wonderful places to visit while in Romania, the old salt mines at Turda – the clip below should be a proper example of that – are a man-made miracle, the best place to put some outrageous drones and skilled pilots to work.

The rest, as they say, is history and the video recordings below should offer you a taste of what true excitement is all about. Enjoy!

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