Anyone Up For Some Drone Hunting?

It’s an ordinary day, the weather is good, and you’re in the mood for a flight – nothing illegal, but a bit of fun. A Washington drone owner nearly learned the hard way that using technology to intrude on the privacy of others may end in a completely different way than anticipated.

I choose to see the fun side of this event, and I can’t help but think about a Looney Tunes cartoon where Daffy and Bugs argue about what hunting season it really is – obviously, Daffy ends up with a shot beak. Moving on to the drone at hand, which hovered around a woman’s back porch and possibly got her irritated.

It seems throwing rock was not enough to get the drone operator to quit, which is why the woman grabs a gun and goes for the kill. No shots were fired, though – at least not that I know of – but this proves a point: it is never a good idea to intrude on someone’s personal space. Daffy would definitely agree!

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