Drone Reveals The Circle Of Life

Whenever we think we know and understand everything there is to know about life, ours and the surrounding fauna and environment around us, life comes up with a surprise. For instance, we know sharks have little to fear, as they swim around through the oceans and dominating over all surrounding fish, mammals or various other forms of life. Time and time again, sharks have shown us their versatility and have put us to a good scare.

Well, you’d be wrong, something that has become obvious when a drone has captured a rarely seen moment of maritime madness. A pack of false killer whales was filmed chasing down and killing a juvenile shark, off the coast of Sydney, Australia. It was drone hobbyist and cinematographer Bruno Kataoka who managed to capture the unique event, worthy of a professional wildlife documentary. This is nothing short ov amazing, and you can check it out on Facebook.

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