Drones Capture The Reality Of Social Differences

This new project was dubbed “Unequal Scenes”, with Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller delivering some marvelous and probably unexpected results. We, people, refuse to acknowledge the social differences keeping us apart; but, sometimes, the truth will shall reveal itself when no one expects it. The aforementioned photographer made use of a drone to show the inequality that exists in the Republic of South Africa. This new perspective offers a small glimpse of what life is really like, and it ain’t as pleasant as we want to believe.

According to Miller, the communities were designed with separation in mind from the get-go – some of them, at least. Others grew over time and this is what resulted. One way or another, the Apartheid policies that came around and created racial segregation enforced by law was probably behind this incredible view. Although these policies were eliminated 22 years ago, those social borders have never really been abolished. It’s a sad truth, one we truly have to face in order to make change happen.

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Credits & more info: Unequalscenes.com

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