Fleetlights Aims At Lighting Up Future Paths

There were times when a candle was worth its weight in gold; people have always looked up to the stars for inspiration and guidance, to light their path towards the future. Nowadays, people sometimes argue that there are too many lights around; I’ve found myself thinking the same thing while visiting locations that seemed to go for an overkill. Fleetlights, on the other hand, is what inhabitants of rural areas will probably appreciate and most definitely need. Still underserved by street lighting, some locations are not exactly safe to walk around in at night, which is why UK insurance company Direct Line has thought up this ingenious solution.

Fleetlights is an organized swarm of drones, equipped with high-powered floodlights, dispatched to a user who requests them through their smartphone. This means a lighted path and an incredible sense of safety; these drones will track your smartphone signal or follow your vehicle in an effort to help you – or the driver – handle unknown roads better. This system has yet to pass legal, commercial and technical issues, but Fleetlights is engineered to be open-source, which means the potential is incredible – even for law enforcement units that may have these things follow criminals around based on their telephone number.

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