GoPro QuikStories Is The Digital Friend You’ve Always Wanted

GoPro QuikStories

Social media users, such as myself, are well aware of the new feature called “stories”. Sharing your day with your followers might be your thing, and Instagram and Snapchat users are used to that. However, GoPro decided it would enter the game as well, with QuikStories.

GoPro QuikStories is a dedicated app, designed to create short, shareable videos from your device. It generates your clips automatically, and GoPro’s latest update enables the app to shoot clips, connect to your phone and pull down on the home screen.

The app will then slice the clips up into something you might want to share – editing tools and music options are also available. Users are encouraged to fiddle around, move the clips around, change music and son. This may sound like a lot of work, but it isn’t! Please note that you can also add media from your phone.

QuikStories app

The resulted experience is a more enjoyable one, somewhat similar to a fun and silly game you used to play as a child. Longer clips will pose a challenge because GoPro’s app will pick a slice from that clip, and it may not prove to be the one you had wished for.

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With QuikStories, GoPro transforms its camera in more than n adventurous companion. Stories on Instagram and Snapchat will become a daily approach to communication, a fun one. It’s well worth mentioning that QuikStories integrates with most of the social networks we know and love today There is still more to be done, no doubt about that; but, GoPro is well equipped to handle anything.

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