Take A Trip Around The World With ‘AIRTime’

It’s Monday, the day we all fear and hate; bad jokes aside, I’m well aware you’re all reading this post from behind your work desk or, possibly, from your lunch break. Daydreaming about a trip around the world may be permitted, but actually making plans and going through with its is another matter.

Christian Grewe’s AIRTime drone film allows you to take a breath and savor over seven months worth of footage, compiled into a masterful shot travel log; the stunning 4K resolution will surely not disappoint any of you. Did you know it took Grewe over 80,000 km of traveling, over 12 different countries, for us to be able to enjoy this cluip?

Sure, things are becoming a bit restrictive when it comes to drones, but in the right hands one can become the same as a painter’s tool. AIRTime is a six-minute-long wonder, and don’t you be afraid to enjoy it – let alone dream big. Have a good one, people!

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