The Harbin Siberian Tiger Park Is Not The Place To Let Your Drone Loose

There is a Siberian Tiger farm in China’s Heilongjiang Province that uses a drone to exercise some rather chubby of tigers – feel free to read ‘winter weight’. But things don’t always go as you’d wish. A video posted to YouTube shows that the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park uses the drones to exercise the tigers, but when a 2 or 3-year-old tiger took the drone down everything took a turn for the worse.

As you can imagine, the drone didn’t stay in one piece for very long; it all looks brutal, for sure. What was left of the drone was later recovered using “a well-protected vehicle.” However, this story isn’t all cute and destructive  – in a good way. There’s a dark secret behind the viral video of playful, carefree Siberian tigers.

Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that the big cats are kept in horrible conditions. Furthermore, it seems that employees breed them to be slaughtered for their fur, meat and other body parts. The 356-acre “park” is supposedly also producing an illegal brew called “tiger bone wine” – no explanation needed for this one. Please keep in mind that about 200 tiger farms, where as many as 65,000 tigers live in captivity, still exist in China. Talk about false advertising!

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