What Drones Were Doing During The Eclipse

Drone Eclipse

Why, flying, of course. A total solar eclipse crossed the United States on Monday, bringing people outside in full force to watch the historic event; everyone became ignorant of everything else, including those cool flying machines we all love so much.

Few of us noticed that some of them were busy, handling their business.

Many drone pilots put their drones in the skies to document the first total solar eclipse to cross the nation since 1918, and we scouted some of the best images out there for you to experience.

Filmmaker Harrison Hughes took this incredible video, which shows the earth going completely dark.

Thanks to Daniel Toner, we get to enjoy the view from Nashville.

2017 total solar eclipse over Nashville #eclipse #greatamericaneclipse #totaleclipse #nashvilleeclipse #droneeclipse

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In San Francisco, Eddie Codel – the man behind the Flying Robot International Drone Film Festival – photographed the people looking at the sun. Good choice!

Watching the watchers #ecliplise #eclipse2017

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The Washington Post also sent their own drone photographer to Corvallis, Ore, and here is what resulted.

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Filming the eclipse in Sullivan, Missouri, USA with DJI Mavic Pro Drone, offers a new perspective on our planet and the universe, in general.

As an added bonus, we managed to find a  full 360º VR shot from Casper Wyoming for you to enjoy.

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