$150 An Hour Could Get Students Interested In Drones

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Does that sound like enough money? You do the math! While you do that, allow me to remind you that the drone industry is expected to have an economic impact of $82 billion across the United States by 2025.

With that in mind, it seems that Middle Georgia school is helping out people interested in drones by training them to become skilled workers set to be involved with the high-demand industry.

Putnam County High School students are smiling these days due to the fact that they are faced with a new career opportunity. They can become commercially licensed drone pilots, which might not be the worst of ideas considering that the FAA predicts there will be 400,000 pilots by 2021.

Putnam High has joined forces with Mercer University and Advanced Airspace Management, a company that provides aerial imaging services, and this is what resulted. For reasons that need no clarification right now, all employers are looking for employees with a hands-on experience.

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Developed by specialists, the curriculum for the two-semester program, which can accommodate up to 15 students, Students master flying on computer simulators and lower-end models before taking higher-quality drones into the air.

Thanks to help from Parrish Construction, the school was able to build its own drone port, including a runway and landing area. Anyone in the mood for a flight?

Not so fast, as students will come here to learn all about that before going out into the wild with their own personal drone or a professional lying machine designed to aid them in completing certain tasks.

Students get a foundation of the basics as they learn about FAA rules and regulations, aircraft safety, weather, navigation, airport operations, aircraft stability, time management for flights, downloading data, taking photos, and air cinematography, surveying and geology. That seems like enough, don’t you think?

They also take the FAA’s commercial licensing test, which is required to fly drones for work. As mentioned before, the average drone pilot earns between $100 and $150 an hour, which is good money. Mercer University’s efforts are meant to provide education outreach activities in a dynamic environment that will, like it or not, be part of our future.

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Did you know that Mercer is collaborating with NASA on a project to track and live-stream on NASA TV the total lunar eclipse Aug. 21st? I didn’t even know about the eclipse, to be honest.

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