The 2017 Lily Drone Is On The Market

Lily Drone

Some might remember some reports letting us know back in February 2017 that the company responsible for the Lily Drone filed for bankruptcy and planned to give refunds to the customers who pre-ordered their product. Sad news, for more reasons than one.

The startup company’s failed drone launch was a mess, to be sure, but it seems that the Lily drone is ready to rise from its own ashes.

California-based company Mota Group has recently purchased the assets of Lily Robotics, which means that the drone is now packing fresh features and is ready to hit a store near you. Although the Lily Drone is notoriously regarded as a 3-year scam, the flying machine has now been equipped with a new 4K camera while looking a bit redesigned.

Considering that there are still customers who haven’t received a refund from the original Lily Drone, things are not looking promising.

2017 Lily Drone

However, it is worth mentioning that the 2017 Lily Drone is being sold from an established drone company who has sold numerous toy drones. Available in 2 different packages, the new drone is easy to fly and comes with a 13 MP camera that can shoot 4K in 60 FPS and slow motion 720p videos in 120 FPS. Capable of reaching speeds of up to 22 mph, the drone will keep going for as many as 18 minutes.  

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So, what’s different? Well, the new drone is not waterproof and shows off 8 motors; it weighs in at 385 grams and has a mechanical gimbal to brag about. As mentioned before, there are two packages on offer.
Mota Group Lily Drone 2017

The 2017 Lily Drone will be available to buy for $499 in a standard package and $799 as a fully loaded package. Regardless of choice, pilots will receive an extra battery, charging cable, extra propellers, propeller guards, 16 GB memory, and a rapid charger.

The loaded package will also include a portable case, remote controller with a built-in screen, and a 1 year loss and damage protection warranty.

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