2018 Red Dot Product Design Award Winner – Atlas Pro

Atlas Pro Drone

Aerospace company Atlas Dynamics offers autonomous UAV solutions, and heir name has just been associated with this year’s winner. The Atlas Pro professional drone has been named a 2018 Red Dot Award winner, with this drone managing to stand out thanks to the excellence of design and unparalleled capabilities.

The Atlas Pro drone was developed fully in-house and was meant to serve professional commercial markets including security and reconnaissance – feel free to find more purposes for this flying machine; it’s quite an easy task.

This complete off-the-shelf UAV solution has been equipped to handle any job.Key innovations that allowed this drone to fly off wit hthe prize includea proprietary tri-copter aircraft, with unique wing forms designed to generate lift and a rounded structure to withstand high pressure.

Bragging about high speeds, altitude,, and agility, t his drone has a Lithium-silicon smart battery promising quite enough seconds of flight. Capable of performing in extreme weather, the drone will stay up for as long as 50 minutes, fly as far as 50 kilometers and achieve speeds of up to 140 km/h – do you have the guts to take it to 6000 meters? Someone obviously did.

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