Anyone Else Looking Forward To GoPro’s Karma?

We all know GoPro is developing a drone called “Karma”, scheduled for release sometime this year. But other than that, does anyone know something more about this thing? Nobody outside of GoPro really knows any details,  with all of us having to make due with that teaser video for the animated film The Secret Life of Pets that caused a lot or rumors. Would it be foolish to assume GoPro would spoil its unreleased drone by putting it front and center in a teaser video?

The image you see here was reportedly posted to Reddit’s GoPro subreddit, although it disappeared quickly after. Please note the top-mounted gimbal holding a Hero 4 camera in place new arm blades and legs The only official spec we know about the Karma drone is that it’ll shoot 4K-resolution video; otherwise, the leaked drone could be real or it could be a complete fake – your guess is as good as mine. Here’s some footage GoPro says was taken with its drone; feel free to comment and help us with some additional info.

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