Audi & Airbus Develop Drone Concept

Audi Drone

We daydream about cool gadgets and technologies each and every day, something that often becomes apparent wit outrageous Hollywood movie productions being released from time to time. Improvements in battery technology, however, is a must; somewhat of a challenge, this necessary improvement will have us enjoying manned electric flights, for example, although most of you are hoping for a solar-powered Tesla vehicle. That would also be cool, am I right?

Audi and Airbus joined forces, with Italdesign along for the ride, and this concept is what resulted. A fresh passenger drone/electric car hybrid concept, set to include an unmanned drone system that attaches itself to an electric vehicle, makes this a double offering. Airbus had been working on an autonomous electric VTOL aircraft, but for them to partner up with Audi and Italdesign is more than good news.

New Audi Drone

This wonderful vision might just change urban life forever, and will have Back To The Future Fans forget all about that shiny DeLorean car. This is radical, yet it’s safe to assume that not all technologies required to make this concept viable have been developed in time for this Geneva appearance. Such are the ways of modern-day ideas; don’t you worry, the big names behind this idea will make it work. Make it work fine!

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