Biggest News Of The Year So Far – Part 1

We are trying to keep up with the research and development of flying machines, and there is always a cool drone right around the corner – so to speak. There is still a lot to come this year, with people expecting DJI to come up with yet another outrageous design, but in the meantime, we think it’s worth remembering some of the most important subjects we covered so far.

First off, Trump decided FAA Registration is required before you fly your drone. Although the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new rules requiring owners of small drones to submit their devices and a judge in the D.C. Circuit shot down the rule earlier this year, US president Donald Trump decided that the registry is back on. More details here.

Next, The Pacific Drone Challenge keeps our hopes up, the hopes that future technologies are not that far away and that drones might someday be as functional and as fun as we imagine them today. It’s not that easy to win this race. Flying 4,500 miles (8300 km), over open-ocean, without a pilot on board, for 45 to 50 hours?

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One that struck us really bad was that GoPro says goodbye to drones. The famous brand decided to kill off its drone business, slashing 20% of its staff and looking out to sell the company. Fans will have to look for similar products elsewhere.

While companies like Uber seem to gain in popularity, although Europe proves to be a tough crowd for the brand, Cora is planning on delivering electrifying sky trips Hailing a cab seems so last century, which is why flying taxi company Kitty Hawk has revealed this cool project that combines electric propulsion, vertical take-off, and self-flying software. Excited much?

The people over at Boeing are well aware that size matter, which is why this bit of news is big.  The company’s first cargo drone prototype is already the largest octocopter ever made. Autonomous civilian drones are the future of commercial shipping;  forget all about carrying small packages or groceries to the customer at home; Boeing’s prototype was designed for some serious shipping.

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Sure, there is more to be said about latest releases, but I guess this is what stands out from the crowd of ongoing projects. Any other news worth mentioning?

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