Black Friday + Star Wars Drones = Double The Excitement

Star Wars Drones

We’ve seen our share of Star Wars drones, like the exciting X1 Battle Drone, or the Imperial Speeder Bike – going official is usually a collector’s dream. However, this year’s Black Friday event has got big things in store for us, including some new Star Wars-themed drones.

The Propel Star Wars Battle Quadcopters are some incredible toys some of the best Star Wars toys on the market, and now you can even purchase them and leave your pockets keeping enough money to get some beer and celebrate.

Who hasn’t imagined piloting an X-Wing? Propel’s line of Star Wars Battle Quadcopter Drones will get you there, and with a sale; usually costing £200, Amazon is selling them these days for only £99 – is £100 enough for beer? I’m not sure, I don’t live in Europe; besides, all this Brexit fiasco might have an effect on beer pricing. Moving on!

Three different models are on offer, with pilots having to choose between the X-Wing, a Tie-Fighter or a Speeder Bike. Star Wars fans will most likely appreciate the incredible attention to detail, from the models themselves to the remote controls – Star Wars music and dialogue included. There’s even a rechargeable display case. Anyone in the mood for some dogfighting action? Black Friday sales will get you involved, whether you like to or not. Come to the Black side; they have cool offerings!

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Star Wars Drones Black Friday 2017

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