Boeing Breaks The Limits With The World’s Biggest Octocopter

Boeing Drone

This is Boeing’s first cargo drone prototype, and it’s already the largest octocopter ever made – what would you have the world’s biggest aerospace company do? Autonomous civilian drones are the future of commercial shipping, at least in their vision, which is why Boeing’s cargo concepts have little in common with other consumer-oriented companies.

Forget all about carrying small packages or groceries to the customer at home; Boeing’s prototype was designed shipping. Weighing in at 747 pounds, Boeing’s prototype is 15 feet long and 18 feet wide.

Packing custom batteries that power eight counter-rotating engines with six-foot-long blades that, this thing will fly as high as a few hundred feet at a top speed of 70 mph. It will do so while taking 500 pounds worth of cargo along for the ride – please remember that the largest consumer drone available today will haul 22 pounds.

Furthermore, Boeing’s prototype flies entirely on its own, courtesy of Aurora Flight Sciences and their technology. The $94-billion Chicago company seems to be realized the huge potential drones have, which is why this mammoth is capable of moving large cargo from distribution warehouses, transport equipment to remote industrial facilities, with passenger travel on the horizon.

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For now, Boeing’s octocopter is a testing platform meant to provide the company with valuable information to be used as soon as possible in our favor. Can’t wait!

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