Check Out The YI Erida Carbon Fiber Drone

I’m sorry, were you getting bored? I doubt it, we’re constantly keeping you busy with cool drones, which is why we’re featuring the YI Erida toy today. This carbon fiber drone is ridiculously fast, and that’s impressive considering it only has three rotors. 

Yi has designed and developed the world’s first mainstream full carbon smart drone, making everyone drool with the help of the YI 4K Action Camera – which we all know is incredible.

Speaking of which, the camera is able to record 4K at 30fps and 120fps at 1080p – and keep doing that for 110 minutes. you might remember me telling you that YI Erida is fast – how does 120 km/h (75 mph) speeds strike you? Supposedly, this thing managed to keep up for 40 minutes straight during testing – as you’d expect, the Erida will be controlled via an app rather than a remote.

Users will be able to set flight parameters including height, shooting angle, distance and flight time, while the laser scanners this drone features will examine surroundings and increase flying height if the ground begins to elevate – does that sound cool? Atlas Dynamics joined in on the project, helping YI to come up with this portable and lightweight drone; two of the arms folding back to increase portability. 

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More information will be released soon, including pricing and the final drone features.

4 thoughts on “Check Out The YI Erida Carbon Fiber Drone”

  1. Dárcio Gonçalves says:

    Any news about this drone?!

    1. Draqos says:

      Hi Darcio,

      Not yet, we’ve just searched to check if it’s something new related, but no results. 🙁
      Regarding that, isn’t on sale yet (even on Amazon or so on).

      Sorry, if you have any others questions, don’t hesitate.

      1. Dárcio Gonçalves says:

        Thanks Draqos 🙂
        I’ll stay tuned

  2. Susan says:

    Does any one have an idea when the YI Erida will be released and it’s suggested price. I can’t find and solid info. It looks like an awesome drone for professional video applications. Speaking of professional applications, if you are a USA pilot looking to get your FAA cert. I found on YouTube a really good app for study call UAS107. It has over 130 prep exam questions and a load of resources. I used the app and passed on my 1st attempt. Here the app’s link:

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