Delicious KFC Chicken In The Form Of A Drone

KFC Drone

Don’t go telling all about keeping it fit, working out at the gym and eating healthy; we all know you order something delicious from KFC, from time to time. But have you ever kept the box as a souvenir? Next time you order chicken at KFC, please keep in mind that the box might just double as a drone.

The fast-food name has designed a container that can be reused to build an actual Bluetooth-connected drone, or Kentucky Flying Object (KFO) – that sounds funny, to say the least. Those of you ordering Smoky Grilled Wings on January 25th and 26th will receive a box that breaks apart and can be rebuilt into the KFO. Does that sound lethal?

Once you’ve consumed your order, you can view the instructions online and download the remote control app for the drone – select KFC locations in India will be where these unique concepts will be availablee. I”m not sure if a trip is in order, but you could always have KFC deliver. I wonder how much would that cost?

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