DJI Has A New App With Integrated Facebook Support

Facebook announced back in April that live-streaming capabilities would be coming to DJI drones. Now, DJI makes everything come true with their new control app, available for iOS users; it supports Facebook Live streaming capabilities.  This means users can actually stream their fun moments through Facebook’s video streaming platform.

As such, drone enthusiasts no longer need to download, export, and upload videos on the Social Media platform; the live feature allows instantaneous viewership. The good news is that DJI representatives ensure Android users will shortly benefit from the same service. Even better, the company is already working with live streaming platform Periscope to offer the same type of functionality to drone users.

Let’s just hope that no embarrassing videos will make their way onto Facebook profiles, such as the neighbor kissing some woman – other than his wife. As I imagine a long list of such potentially dangerous or stressful situations, I can’t help but wonder: who knows that’s next?

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