DJI Loves to Tease – New Release 2018

DJI release 2018

Some may not have known that about the company, but here it is. DJI was not interested in getting everyone excited at this year’s CES. Instead, the drone giant announced a pair of camera gimbals at the show and left the big news for a special event set for January 23 in New York City. If previous years were to be taken as a landmark, we should be expecting some cool new drone to fly over our heads.

Obviously, the company has leaked out various tidbits through social media, teasing a “big” announcement. The backpack-friendly nature of the last two big announcements, coupled with a hyperbolic video of aerial footage and hints of the hardware are what should be enough to keep us going until everything becomes clear.

It may not be a coincidence that the DJI event has been announced a week after GoPro officially announced the end of its Karma drone program – another reason to daydream about an impressive new flying machine. Care to make any speculations? Feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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