DJI Spark Lands On May 24th – Maybe

DJI Spark Release Date

DJI Spark has been the cause of much talk and equally numerous rumors. However, things are looking up because DJI will be holding an event in New York City on May 24th.

Once again, rumors have got a hold of our imagination, nd we are inclined to believe that a fresh design and a new selfie drone will be landing.

Small and compact, the device is set to be affordable and impressive. There are a few leaked pictures of the DJI Spark around, and the one you see here has the Spark sitting on the left.

Pilots are expecting a high-quality product that costs around $600, this should really keep DJI above everyone else.

If we were to sum up the rumors, the Spark will be rechargeable via USB, will feature removable propellers, while the rest remains a surprise.

However, you could always tell us what you are expecting or ewe could simply meet up at the official event and find out together what’s what.

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