DJI Updates Are not Optional – Spark Pilots Will Soon Find Out

DJI Spark updates 2017

Owners of the much appreciated DJI Spark flying machine have until September 1st to update the firmware of their drone and batteries. Don’t go thinking this is optional, as no update means no flying – and that’s according to official word.

The new software is set to improve stability and connectivity, as well as provide updates for the drone’s photo-capturing modes. Furthermore, pilots will also get to enjoy improvements to the Spark’s battery management system – a good idea for fly-by-night adventures.

Anyone who owns a Spark will have to update it before the end of the month, regardless of whether they’ve had any issues with their drone or not – it might be a good idea to set an alarm or something.

The debate whether a company should have the ability to remotely disable products that consumers have bought and are enjoying might prove too much to handle for anyone; I guess the safety argument will always win, although it might push us in a direction we would never have wanted to take.

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Safety leads to control, control leads to rebellion, which in turn leads to instability and time-consuming effort to enjoy democracy – which starts the process all over again. Here’s to balance!

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