DJI Updates The AeroScope Drone Tracking and Identification System

AeroScope DJI

Yes, that’s true. The people over at DJI have updated the company’s AeroScope drone tracking and identification system. It is now set to include an optional self-identification feature for drone operators, meaning that pilots who choose to broadcast their info are invited to do so.

As of now, operators are now able to “voluntarily identify their flight operations to authorities,” at least that’s what the company has stated in a recent press release. That info will join the serial number and telemetry data DJI drones already broadcasted to AeroScope receivers.

AeroScope was created as a solution for airport officials and law enforcement who need to identify drones operated in ways that violate regulations.

The system picks up on the telemetry data and serial number of a drone using the communications link between the drone and its remote controller. Thanks to updates to both the DJI GO 4 app and DJI drones, operators will now have the option of broadcasting their Unique User Identification Code (UUIC), allowing Law enforcement or other authorities to make use of details about the nature of flight and why it is taking place. This means that everything will be safe and legal at all times, for everyone to enjoy.

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