Drones Take Over Biosphere 2 – Drone Racing League @ ESPN

2018 Drone Racing League

Although this may sound like the plot or starting idea of a new game, allow us to make everything clear. A full-day event at the aforementionmed location will conclude with a Drone Racing League competition to be televised on ESPN. Does that sound cool?

The University of Arizona’s Biosphere 2 has graciously agreed to host a high-speed drone race, with the event set to focus on future technologies. A tour of Biosphere 2, a hands-on experience with drones, information on autonomous vehicles, or robotics demonstrations – these are some examples of what one might do to keep themselves busy throughout the day.

Drone Racing League Arizona 2018

It would seem that only the most iconic and visually stunning locations will do for the people over at DRL. The planet’s most breathtaking landscapes, including an ocean, a rainforest, and the desert, Biosphere 2 looks like the place to truly put a drone through its paces. Biosphere 2 represents the ideal setting for 12 elite DRL pilots to fly custom-built racing drones in excess of 90 mph within a brightly- lit course.

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Drone Racing League

Furthermore, representatives from research and educational institutes will be present to showcase their ideas about using innovative technologies and what’s to come in the near future. Things are getting interesting, and it would seem that the minds behind the Drone Racing League are really giving it all they’ve got.

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