Exciting Drone News At CES 2017

The Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show is keeping everyone on the edge of their seats, with drone enthusiasts having a particular weakness for the event, with various toys and professional tools on display. We thought it would be worth talking about some of the most interesting appearances.

The team at Airblock has developed a LEGO-like system, comprising snapping magnetic parts that keep together to provide users with the fun times they so desire. They are able to configure and enjoy any shape they like and use an app to benefit from the result. The innovative modular design is now available for pre-orders, at $129

Selfie Drones have instantly become popular, no matter what company or brand decided to develop one. Available for everyday consumers, these devices capture our imagination instantly. Zero Zero Robotics’ Hover Camera Passport ($599) features a 13-megapixel camera while their “Owner Mode” comes in handy when trying to capture the moment. ROVA delivers a more affordable option ($399), including a 12-megapixel camera capable of capturing 1080p videos. Feel free to dream about more, as this year is bound to include new and incredible additions to this ‘family’. Speaking of which, Polaroid has announced at CES 2017 three selfie-drones, promising 720p-1080p HD video streaming at $59.99 to $269.99.

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The PowerRay Fishfinder, something we’ve recently talked about, is targeted at 21-century fishermen. The drone will seek the depths of up 98 feet and offers live streaming and captures 4K video. Packing a12-megapixel camera, this thing will almost surely deliver incredible pics and possible the sighting of rare aquatic species – the sonar might help with that.

It was inevitable and somewhat expected, that Star Wars would make an appearance at the event. Propel’s Star Wars Battle Drones are impressive, with the T-65 X-Wing Starfighter, the 74-Z Speeder Bike and the Advanced X1 drones on offer. Each device comes hand-painted and costs only $240 – a small price to pay for speeds of 35 MPH and an incredible attention to detail. Furthermore, the company is planning to add features that will let you battle with friends using laser attachments. May the Force be with you!

Home security is always an issue , and the Yuneec Valet hopes to keep you safe and sound at all times. Although still in concept mode, this thing is supposed to patrol your property, docking after it makes its rounds. It would make use of motion tracking and other similar technologies to alert the owner in case of any suspicious activity. What’s next?

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