Feast Your Eyes On The Stunning Airis x Design Eye-Q Urban Air Mobility Concept

Airis founder John Narraway and Design Eye-Q founder Ray Mattison seem to have a common vision when it comes to the emerging urban air mobility industry. They believe it is time to show the world what really is possible when you listen to customer demands when aviation engineering and development is involved. Airis focused on a design aesthetic that would appeal to everyone, which is probably why the Airis x Design Eye-Q Urban Air Mobility Concept looks that stunning.

Able to seat as many as 5 passengers, this aircraft offers an industry first, ramp access for those with wheelchairs – it’s about time. Thanks to an autonomous avionics system called AirisAI, the aircraft’s level of autonomy can be specified, depending on regulations in the area; moreover, the systems are updateable, making for a carefree flying machine from more than one point of view. Now, being that this is still a concept, there is not talk about production lines, deadline, and acquisition costs – not yet, anyway. But, since the market demands high-quality products and everyone is going crazy over smart means of transportation, sooner or later this thing will reach an airport near you.

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